El-Fares Group (FGC) is a certified Siemens advanced partner (Panel Builder), which qualifies El-Fares Group team to design, assemble, Testing and Commissioning a certified Type-tested SIVACON S4 low voltage panels up to 6300 A, according to the IEC 439-1 / EN 60439-1 standard.


About El-Fares Group (FGC)

El-Fares Group

(FGC) was established in 2020, based on Sadat Industrial City, Egypt.
El-Fares Group (FGC) started with more than 20-years ownership experience in power, automation, low current and smart systems. So, FGC stepped up in Egyptian market with professional quality and services which helped us building wide range of local customers in many market levels.

We offer durable, sustainable and divers low voltage power, control and automation panels to our customers in Egyptian market with Siemens partnership trusted quality and reputation built during our long list of achievable projects.

  • Main & Sub-main Distribution panels
  • Power Factor correction panels
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Panels
  • Billers and Coffree panels
  • And More...

El-Fares Group

cover a wide range of applications including

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Panels

Power Factor correction panels

Billers and Coffree panels

Lighting Panels Control

Motor Control Centers

Furthermore, El-Fares Group (FGC)

has a qualified Automation/Control team who can handle high range of industrial and non-industrial control systems.


Our values

We are determined to obey all legal and ethical requirements. Our business is conducted in a trustful and transparent manner


Quality is a standard

our goal is simply to be the best and to continually improve. Hence, there is no tolerance to any interference with quality standards/span>


We consider our staff as the main pillar of every success. Hence, we provide them with best work environment, rewards, learning and development plans, continuous supervision and clear promotion plan

Committed to Clients

we go the extra miles for our clients to understand their needs, fulfill the demands and overcome the challenges
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